How can I see the products you sell and their prices?

By registering and then logging into our site us.brandsdistribution.com.

Does importing the catalogue and updating the quantities happen automatically?

With the basic service, importing the catalogue, updating the quantities and even receiving orders does not happen automatically.
By purchasing the Prestashop, Magento, and Wordpress plug-in importing the catalogue and quantities in stock will happen automatically. The Magento and Wordpress plug-ins also provide an order synchronization service. These plug-ins were developed by the software house Zero11 and are bought directly from their website https://shop.zero11.it/shop/.
For those who wish we provide access to our apps for a customized link.

Do the products have an EAN code, needed for sales on marketplaces such as Amazon or e-Bay?

More than 90% of our products have an EAN code.

At what price can I sell Brandsdistribution products?

We ask our customers to apply a minimum 30% charge to our prices, but we also provide a recommended sales price that is always competitive (please consider that is meant in Euro and for the European market).

Do the prices of the products listed in the catalogue include VAT?

No, the prices of the products in the catalogue do not include VAT.

What payment methods are accepted for orders?

PayPal, Credit Cards or Bank Transfer. For bank transfers, confirmation may take up to a maximum of 5 business days depending on the bank. Moreover, it is possible to send a deposit which can be used as credit to speed up the order confirmation process.

Can I install the Brands Sync plug-in on my website myself or do I need a technician?

The Brands Sync plug-in has been tried and tested with 100% success on Prestahop, Magento and Worldpress e-commerce platforms. The supported versions are those found on Zero11's website https://shop.zero11.it/shop/, the IT company that developed the various plug-ins.
The platforms have their own settings and these are required for the plug-in to work properly. If you use different plug-ins on the same platform or you have never set up a web platform, we recommend that you use an IT technician with advanced technical knowledge.

I bought the Brands Sync plug-in but I'm having problems with the installation and I did not buy the technical support. What should I do?

If the plug-in you purchased is the only plug-in installed, you must check that each field has been filled in correctly and that the platform has been set up correctly. However, if you need technical support for its installation or you continue to have problems, you can contact our IT partner Zero11. If you did not purchase technical support when buying the plug-in, you may wish to buy it at another time, by going directly to their website.

In which languages does the support come in?

Sales support is provided in Italian, English, French and Spanish by Brandsdistribution. In terms of technical support for those who choose to purchase the plug-in, this is provided by Zero11. In this case there is a charge for the service.

How long does it take to prepare the order?

All orders are filed within 48 hours of receiving payment. We have customized rates with our courier, DHL, we ship anywhere in the US to your end customer, with delivery within 3 business days. The customer will receive an anonymous parcel which only has the address of our source warehouse on it.

Is your company name on the parcel that the customer receives?

No, the parcel will reach the customer anonymously.

Can I change or remove items in my order?

It is possible to change or cancel an order by reopening it. To do so, go to your PROFILE, under the page "My Orders", and you can reopen orders by clicking on "Edit Order Like Shopping Basket", this is possible as long as the order is stated as reserved. ATTENTION: This means you will have to reconfirm the order as per a normal booking. In addition, if you had credit and would like to cancel the order or the total amount of the order is now lower than the credit you are using, you will need to contact your reference to recharge it.

What is included in the price of the Dropshipping service?

The service includes everything you need to start selling our items: product catalogues in 5 languages, high-definition graphics and photo services for each product taken by our professional photographers. Our catalogue is vast and includes men's and women's collections with the best brands for every season: It ranges from high fashion brands such as Cavalli, Versace and Trussardi, to more popular brands such as Napapijri and Guess. All our products are 100% original. No other B2B fashion distributor works with our brands or has such a vast warehouse Other Benefits? Personalized customer service, no logistic costs for single shipments, and personalized offers.

I'm interested in purchasing the integrated plug-in. How does it work?

The integrated plug-in costs €399. It has been developed and sold directly by our IT partner Zero11. It is compatible with Magento, Prestashop or Wordpress platforms. When making your order you can decide whether to purchase technical support separately: Which costs €200. Click here to go straight to their shop.

What is the minimum order?

With our Dropshipping service there is no minimum order, which means you can also order one item at a time.

How do returns work?

Returns requests will be accepted within 20 days after receiving the items.
To ask for returns, please go on “My profile”, click on "My Orders" and select the items you wish to ship back

The items must be sent (at your charge) to the following address:

IDT S.p.A.
Via Varallo 24/B
10153 - Torino

We will issue a credit note in maximum 10 working days from the receipt of the returned products. An e-credit will be created directly on your account with the corresponding amount (Customs fees paid by IDT S.p.A. and shipping costs are excluded).

The e-credit will be automatically deducted from the following orders.

In case of damaged products or delivery mistakes, after having completed the return requests, plase send an email to returns@brandsdistribution.com attaching a photo of the product. After checking the request, you will receive instructions on how we will collect/refund the goods. In these two cases, the delivery cost of making the return is at our charge.